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About the ACEP Wellness and Assistance Program

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An emergency medicine physician in Los Angeles, California, Zachary Lutsky spent more than a decade in an attending position at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Board-certified in emergency medicine, Dr. Zachary Lutsky maintains membership in professional organizations including the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

The American College of Emergency Physicians works to support both the physical and mental health of physicians through initiatives such as the ACEP Wellness & Assistance Program. In coordination with Mines & Associates, the program provides physicians with access to three counseling or wellness sessions to help them bear the emotional and physical burden of their work.

Counseling sessions, which can take place in person or by phone, might help doctors develop tools to combat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or relationship issues. Alternately, 30-minute wellness phone calls from a certified wellness coach can help physicians identify steps to pursue their fitness and wellness goals. The strictly confidential program is available for free to all ACEP members.

Signs a Bone May Be Broken

Emergency physician Dr. Zachary Lutsky treated acute medical traumas at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for more than 10 years. Over the decade, Dr. Zachary Lutsky has delivered immediate treatment to people with injuries relating to blunt force accidents, such as concussions and broken bones.

While rarely life-threatening, all broken bones require medical care. Identifying a fractured or broken bone after acute trauma can be difficult. People who have just experienced a fall or accident should go to the emergency room if they notice any of the symptoms below that may indicate a broken bone:

Crepitus: Small bone fragments can make a crackling sound when rubbed together. This sound can indicate that a fracture has occurred.

Bruising: Broken bones can cause capillaries to burst and cause a deep purple or red bruise to emerge. Bone fractures may also injure the surrounding tissue, which can also result in a bruise.

Shock: A severe bone fracture can make blood flow drop precipitously and place the injured person in danger. Common symptoms of shock include pale or cold skin, fainting, and shallow breathing.

Vital First Aid for Heart Attack Victims

New Antibiotic Development Outpaced by Drug Resistance Challenges

Zachary Lutsky, MD, is a respected emergency physician in the Los Angeles area. Among the fields in which Dr. Zachary Lutsky has an extensive interest is antibiotic over-prescription and the resulting disease resistance to traditional drugs.

A recent report from the Access to Medicine Foundation, “Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark,” found that the issue of antibiotic resistance is still not addressed adequately, with annual related global deaths exceeding 700,000.

Unfortunately, with resistance increasing to existing drugs, pharmaceutical companies in general are not keeping pace with the problem by developing new antibiotics. This has to do with a combination of high research-and-development costs and relatively small profits for approved products.

A number of companies, however, are continuing to explore new pathways, with Johnson & Johnson reporting that, while it has ended research on traditional antibiotics, it is putting efforts into novel antibacterial vaccines. In total, 54 drugs that work against bacterial and fungal infections are in various clinical development stages worldwide, with 51 considered safe enough for Phase II studies involving humans.