Medical Emergencies – Strokes

Stroke pic

An emergency medicine physician, Zachary Lutsky, MD, has over a decade of experience in treating patients at a level-1 trauma center. While there, Dr. Zachary Lutsky dealt with such life-threatening medical events as strokes.

A stroke happens when blood vessels in the brain either become obstructed such that they cannot supply oxygen-rich blood to the brain or break open, resulting in bleeding in the brain. In either case, the blood isn’t getting where it needs to go, and without that blood, brain cells start to die.

Depending on the vessels impacted, strokes produce differing symptoms. For instance, strokes in the “right brain” may cause vision problems and paralysis affecting the body’s left side. A stroke in the “left brain” may cause paralysis on the body’s right side and speaking problems.

Although people may think of strokes as a brain disease, they’re often caused by health problems related to the circulatory system. Conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease raise the risk of having a stroke.